Mastering Relief Techniques For Chronic Autoimmune Pain - Your Map To All Natural Pain Relief

Learn an all natural plan to help give yourself relief from chronic pain caused by autoimmune diseases and chronic illness.

If you have chronic pain from autoimmune diseases & inflammation read this to learn how to get relief....

Imagine, one year from today and your looking back realizing your chronic pain is no longer taking your life from you....

Realizing WOW!!! I'm able to sleep at night...I'm able to actually do things and enjoy them...

That's the life I've had for three years now...

I'm KC Hill, The CEO, Owner & Founder of An American Treasure, a mom, wife, nana & fighter of chronic pain caused by autoimmune diseases & arthritis. In 2017 I began having debilitating chronic pain and set out on a journey to find the source while finding out how to relieve it, manage it & have months without it.

My journey is my Healing Life Movement. An entire daily regiment that I live by with others I have helped by teaching them how to heal the inflammation causing the pain, manage it and have life with managed pain with days of being able to say WOW!!! I had no pain today!!!

I'm not a doctor. I'm a women who is 47 and with the help of several holistic healers and other experts have figured out a plan that works and has worked for me since 2018 when I first began experiencing days without pain. Each year those days become more and more frequent. Now my days with any aches, not pain but, aches are few.

And now, I have a Master Class dedicated to Discovering All Natural Relief From Chronic Pain - Getting your life back from chronic autoimmune disease pain...

I created this Master Class to help others be able to live their best life and have the opportunity to have a  more pain free life too.

If you have pain caused by autoimmune disease or other chronic illness that is causing muscle, fascia pain. This class is for you.

This class is all about Mastering the methods that may give you the relief that I have gotten from chronic pain. During the Master Class you will be learning how to do each step of all natural pain relief steps I have used to have relief from the chronic pain I battle. As well as the techniques I use to relieve break through pain in minutes.

It will include a digital work book and tip cards as well as access to my exclusive group for the Healing Life Movement too!!!

Everyone who participates will have a chance to WIN a FREE $100 Herbal Therapy Pain Relief All Natural Skincare Box By An American Treasure & there will be even MORE surprises on the 22nd of May!!! 

Are you ready learn how to fight back against the pain stealing your life from you.... Get your spot reserved today.

Please Read The Following Disclaimer: The contents of this training, such as text, graphics, images and other material are intended for informational and educational purposes and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. The contents of this training are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen. lifestyle, and or mental health care.

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Mastering Chronic Pain - Your Map To All Natural Pain Management
Are you ready to learn how to manage your chronic pain and take back your life....In this Master Class you will learn the must do proven all natural ways to heal, manage and prevent chronic pain.

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Hey everyone...My name is KC Hill and I am the CEO, Owner & Founder of An American Treasure, a Certified Master Reiki & Light Healer, Master Essential Oils Expert & Herbalist


Hey everyone...My name is KC Hill and I am the CEO, Owner & Founder of An American Treasure, a Certified Master Reiki & Light Healer, Master Essential Oils Expert & Herbalist. 

My expertise comes from 30 years of training & educating in several fields of Holistic, All Natural & Herbalism Healing Methods with many of the worlds best Holistic Healers as well as being raised in a family that was generations of all. 

I was raised in a home and come from a family of herbalist, holistic healers, agriculturists and psychic mediums. 

I continued my education and certifications as an adult beginning at the age of 18. I am always taking the newest course and educating myself with the leading experts in my field to stay on top of all natural ways of healing. 

My knowledge is based on the data other professionals, scientific and medical. 

In 2007, in a response to fighting advancing autoimmune diseases and the effects on my skin, tissue and organs from diagnosed autoimmune diseases. I began working in the specific fields of autoimmune all natural ways to heal as well as the common medical conditions caused by autoimmune disease such as chronic pain, fatty liver disease caused by inflammation, gastroparesis and more that I have successfully reversed and managed symptoms of in myself and many of my clients. 

I created my all natural skincare products and herbal therapy products and services out of my need to heal all naturally and to help others do the same. I am now sharing my expertise in these fields with others who are looking for ways to heal all naturally.